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Jim Rogers: These 9 Charts Point to "Biblical" Collapse

Jim Rogers is one of the best pure investors on Earth. His predictions have handed him some $300 million over the years. They've also generated average annual gains of 419% for his clients at Quantum Fund over a 10-year period. But today Jim is revealing the boldest prediction of his career... These 9 charts indicate that a $68 trillion crash is coming to America. It will reshape our economy and society. And it will determine your lifestyle in retirement. For details and how to prepare, click here.

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Central Bank of Bangladesh Says "No, Thanks" to BASIC Cyber Security
If you like stories about daring bank heists, you're gonna love this.

One of the greatest thefts of all time occurred earlier this year - one where the robbers managed to escape with an impressive $80 million haul.

And yet, it could've been avoided so easily.

The story is an unusual combination of sophisticated genius and a grossly negligent lack of security and oversight by bumbling bankers.

In fact, the robbers could've actually made off with $900 million more.

So what happened?

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Why Dumping Dilma Won't Solve Brazil's Problems

Brazil's lower house has voted against impeaching President Dilma Rousseff. Now the case goes to the Senate, where a simple majority will remove her.

While the markets have assumed that removing Dilma solves Brazil's problems, it's not that simple. Brazil's problems date back 30 years - and there's no sign of a politician who can solve them.

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[Earthquake Imminent] 6 Tremors Confirmed in U.S.

Peter Schiff gained instant fame in 2008 for being the most accurate predictor of the financial crisis. But now he's issuing a more serious warning: "What happened in 2008 wasn't the crash. It was only the tremor before the earthquake." In this exclusive interview with Wall Street Daily, Schiff identifies 6 precursors of the REAL CRASH about to hit. WATCH FULL INTERVIEW.

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Mohammed bin Salman Threatens the Saudi Geopolitical and Oil Landscape
Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's new generation of leadership, threatens to turn oil and geopolitics on its head.

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