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"This is the most mind-blowing interview I've ever
done, and it could save your retirement."

Dear Wall Street Daily Reader,

I recently returned from New York City.

And I brought something back that could save your retirement.

In fact, it could also make you VERY rich in the coming days and months.

You see, I received some powerful intelligence from a powerful man.

He also happens to be among the greatest hedge-fund managers ever.

His fund delivered average annual gains of 400%-plus... for 10 years.

He successfully predicted the stock and dollar crash of the 1970s...

He called the commodity bull market that started in the 1990s...

And he foresaw the Crash of 2008 in time to short Freddie and Fannie.

Yes, he grew richer when the last big crisis hit.

His predictions have allowed him to amass a $300 portfolio (and that's just the figure he reports publicly).

But here's why I'm contacting you today.

I met privately in New York... to bring you this intelligence

During a closed-door meeting in Midtown, he shared some intelligence with me.

It concerned his latest work - and the most shocking prediction of his career.

This gentleman, named Jim Rogers, has amassed a mountain of evidence.

It all points to one disturbing truth.

America is about to face its biggest financial event in decades - perhaps ever.

According to his estimates, it will destroy some $68 trillion in investor wealth.

That's easily enough to bring down the entire U.S. economy ($18 trillion)...

Enough to drain ALL market capitalization from the New York Stock Exchange ($18.6 trillion)...

And more than enough to "blow up" the top 300 pension funds on earth ($15.1 trillion)...

Bottom line: The coming event could wreak havoc on a massive, historic scale.

And Rogers proved his thesis to me using just nine powerful charts... and 9 powerful words.

He reveals them all in this Wall Street Daily exclusive presentation.

What's more, he shows viewers a simple way to prepare, starting now.

Simply click this link to view my discussion with Jim.

And please don't delay. As you'll see, the early stages of our next crisis have already begun.


Robert Williams
Founder and Publisher, Wall Street Daily

P.S. WATCH THIS VIDEO *TODAY* AND CLAIM THIS FREE BOOK FROM JIM: Simply check out my presentation with Jim Rogers today. Follow the instructions at the end of the video. And you can claim ONE copy of Jim's latest book - a 258-page masterpiece - for free! This opportunity ends when we run out of books, so don't delay. Go here for details.

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