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Dear Reader,

How - and when - will this zombie bull market end?

Jim Rogers believes he has discovered the answer.

It has revealed itself to him in nine shocking charts... and nine powerful words.

The charts tell the story from the data side.

They paint a picture of rampant government corruption... Fiscal insanity... And an American social fabric frayed to the point of rupture.

The words reveal the deeper truth behind the data.

They finally explain WHY our Washington "leaders" are running America into an economic and cultural ditch.

So why should you care?

Because according to Jim, all evidence points to the same conclusion.

American investors are about to face another sizable market shock. Estimates indicate rapid-fire losses in the S&P 500 of between 50-80%.

We could eventually see up to 7,000 banks (perhaps including yours) fail, in quick succession.

All told, this financial "reckoning" promises to vaporize some $68 trillion in wealth... twice the damage we saw from the 2008 crisis.

But don't take my word for it.

Check out this interview I just did with Jim in New York City.

He reveals the entire situation - the nine charts and the nine words.

What's more, you'll discover exactly how to prepare, starting today.

For immediate access, please click here now.

And don't wait. The early stages of America's next crisis have already begun, as you'll see.


Robert Williams
Founder and Publisher, Wall Street Daily

P.S. Around minute 31 of our closed-door meeting, Jim Rogers reveals the 9 words (from the Bible's Book of Joshua) that could save your retirement. Simply go here for details.

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